"WE MORTALS" by Stewart A. Levitt.



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Praise for "Too Soon to Be Late"

Giles Auty, Spectator and Quadrant Contributor, author, artist and art critic wrote “Such an utterly unusual book deserves rapid recognition, not just for its inspired use of language and images but because it states truths that our whole planet’s populace ought to be anxious to hear.”

"These pages document the interior life of a man who, it must be said, has come wonderfully to personify Sydney’s grit and colour. A villain’s advocate and a crusader for the innocent, Stewart Levitt has embraced every one of life’s contradictions.” Linton Besser – acclaimed author. 

Watch Stewart Levitt speak on poetry as a mode of expression 

"WE MORTALS", the international edition of STEWART A. LEVITT'S acclaimed poetry anthology,

"TOO SOON TO BE LATE" has been released on Amazon.


Lawyer, poet and activist, Stewart Levitt has released an entitled “We Mortals” available now on Amazon. 

This new compilation has been published with the US market in mind, on the heels of the high impact treasury of his verse contained in the acclaimed “Too Soon to be Late” (2019). 


Levitt's poignant poetry which exudes passion, laced with compassion, cover his “Australian retrospective”, race relations, international politics, religion and the human condition.

“We Mortals” includes new work about Australia’s bushfires, venting on “Green” concerns and addressing Jewish identity in the face of latterday antisemitism, as well as Levitt’s impressions on visiting a remote Indigenous Community on the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf.


There are also impressive reproductions of new paintings and drawings by Geoff Todd, last year honoured by the Queen for his art.

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